Upbound Staffing works with businesses like yours to build inclusive hiring and management practices. We connect you with highly qualified neurodiverse candidates from an un-tapped talent pool. We know that creating a neuro-inclusive environment is good for business.

Solutions Upbound Candidates can provide:

53% reduced absenteeism

98% Manager Satisfaction

92% 1+ year retention

Reduction in turn over

Untapped talent pool

Employer tax benefits


Neurodivergent individuals boost empathy and bring a new way of thinking and unique life experiences to your organization. Studies show that Neurodivergent employees are 30% more productive than neurotypical employees.

The Upbound Team provides the following services:


Direct Hire



Included with our services: Evaluations to provide fully vetted candidates, ongoing employer and candidates support, Training and onboarding new hires with supervisor consultation. A partnership that encourages diversity and adds value to your team.